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Enterprise Masterclass – Why startups fail? with Mark Logan, former COO of Skyscanner

A packed 90 min workshop exploring lessons to be learned for Scottish scaleup ventures.

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How do you know when a small challenge in your startup could be indicative of oncoming failure? How do you avoid the pitfalls of failure and scale up your business?

Startup post-mortems often cite lack of funding or having a product that isn’t fit for the market – but are these just symptoms of a deeper issue?

As Scotland looks to recover from the pandemic, we need startups and high-growth scale ups more than ever – so we need to make sure entrepreneurs have the ability to navigate the pitfalls of failure.

In this Enterprise Masterclass hosted by the RGU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, they welcome one of Scotland’s most respected business leaders to share his insight from over 25 years of experience in tech startups.

Mark Logan is current co-founder of Ipso Facto Consulting which advise high-growth startups and he was previously Chief Operating Officer of Skyscanner helping lead the company to a £1.5 billion acquisition in 2016 becoming one of Europe’s most successful tech companies and one of Scotland’s “unicorn” level businesses.


As you know a lot more startups fail and then succeed so it’s actually easier to study why that happens and then figure out how to avoid that. We’re going to try and do that but we’re very much looking at this topic with a view to how do we build successful companies.

This is because they lack technique and you don’t want to be a founder who learns technique through too many failures we’re trying to skip a few steps here, so we’re going to talk about technique. I am going to I am going to use examples from you know the tech startup world but I have tried to think of examples that are transferable beyond any particular narrow field.

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