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Rob Gelb – The HeySummit Origin Story

In a Startup Grind interview HeySummit founder Rob Gelb describes how they got started and what they've learned as a global tech venture.

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Scaling Up Scotland

HeySummit is an Edinburgh-based platform designed to empower virtual events. It specializes in helping to increase engagement, conversions, and revenue for online summits.

It’s an inspiring exemplar case study of a digital venture that has scaled globally and enables other entrepreneurs to do the same, easily building an online event series and reaching an international audience.

How it started

In a Startup Grind interview founder Rob Gelb describes how they got started.

Interestingly they didn’t come from an events background but rather one of content marketing. The platform provides a context for energizing an audience around a particular topic of shared interest and cultivating a community.

In the second part he shares the lessons they’ve learned and what this means for event marketing best practices.

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