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Building Your Office in the Cloud

Best practices and technology solutions for empowering distributed, remote teams to work virtually.

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The Future of Work

Exploring the Transformation of Where, How and Why We Work

From the tussle today between work from home or in-office policies, to a Metaverse future where team collaboration is entirely virtual, the era of ‘The Future of Work’ has begun and will evolve dramatically over the coming years and decades.

It presents considerable challenges for both small and large organizations, from the practical tools and infrastructure through culture and practices. Read more in our ebook…

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Virtual Teams

Best Practices

Remote, virtual working offers many benefits but also comes with significant challenges.

We explore and share insights and best practices developed through real-world case studies.





Digital Workspace

Applications like Slack, Google Workspace, Sharepoint and Teams provide the functionality for remote colleagues to work together as virtual teams.

Plug and Play Intranets

These tools can be provisioned and configured in a modular, 'plug and play' fashion, enabling you to quickly build the ideal collaboration workspace for your team.

Integrate and Customize

Sophisticated application add-ons for demanding requirements such as social networking, enterprise-scale employee engagement and project management.


These applications can also be complemented by and integrated with physical devices, to meet the needs of demanding scenarios like call centres.


Collaboration apps can be integrated with modern telephone devices and also with telco networks to route traditional voice calls.

Video Conferencing Rooms

Meeting rooms and training facilities can be equipped with large conferencing screens and also linked with the applications.

Solution Guide

Insights for Buyers

For organizations seeking to implement a Virtual Workplace strategy we offer helpful resource guides and a network of solution partners.


Best Practices Guide

A detailed introductory guide to Virtual Workplace solutions, covering technology and implementation practices.


Partner Directory

Listings of Solution Partners who specialize in Virtual Working and offer implementation services.

We can help design and implement your ideal virtual working solution.

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