The Future of Digital in Scottish Education with Ollie Bray, Strategic Director Education Scotland

A webinar talk exploring the progress of digital learning in Scottish Education, and ideas for enhancing and accelerating it's adoption.

In this talk Ollie Bray, Strategic Director Education Scotland, talks on the Future of Digital in Scottish Education.

This is part of a series intended to share insights from keynote leaders from across Scottish Education on where they see Digital Technology in the sector is headed.

From 12m:30s Ollie talks about how Scotland has long been a pioneer of Technology for Learning, being a leader in adopting computers in schools and online learning systems.

But critically, this hasn’t necessarily been accompanied by modernization of the associated teaching practices.

Covid highlighted this, where online learning was simply a process of moving traditional teaching models into a virtual world, not really embracing the capabilities to change how teaching itself is delivered.

With this in mind at 33m:40s Ollie asks how do we equip young people’s skills to prepare them for online learning, given the sector continues to move in that direction. It can be a challenging experience for them.

He suggests one key methodology for addressing this is Building Digital Communities. He feels the Scottish Curriculum is well designed to lend itself to that, and at 45m:50s he explores the pedagogies that can support the adoption of digital across Scottish schools.

Ollie sees the curriculum reform in Scotland as a great opportunity to develop different types of curriculum experiences, where technology can play a more pivotal role in enhancing teaching and learning in general, not just in computing subjects.


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