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Ice Cube Enters the Metaverse

Scotland meets LA at the white hot intersection of art, music and technology.

Scotland boasts one of the world’s leading crypto/ art innovators, Trevor Jones, who now demonstrates its’ intersection with the Metaverse.

Recently voted one of the world’s top ten NFT artists by, Trevor has been pioneering the fusion of art and technology since long before it hit the mainstream.

Coindesk details this history and journey from his late college career and multiple jobs to support his painting, to the cutting edge forefront of the world of NFT digital artwork where he has shattered sales records for his ground-breaking pieces like the Bitcoin Angel and his iconic John McAfee AR painting, famously tweeted by the man himself.

Most recently he teamed up with music icon Ice Cube, and as the tweet below self-explains, this cutting edge is demonstrated through the intersection of the digital art being on interactive display within the virtual world of Decentraland.

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