CirrusHQ is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider partner, providing security and compliance across wide IT estates and ensuring high performance for a broad spectrum of businesses.


This bespoke platform from CirrusHQ integrates and automates best-practice and performance benchmarks from AWS; based on real-world expertise to provide recommendations that boost efficiency, helps safeguard systems, and ultimately save customers money.

CirrusHQ, based in Livingstone, specializes in AWS and provides consulting services, and has also repeated this approach to also launch their Acuity Platform.

Aggregating data across AWS accounts, the Acuity platform streamlines and democratises access to the AWS platform and provides a customised graphical dashboard enabling customers to simply manage their AWS accounts and workloads from one single place.

With cost optimisation being a key advantage of the cloud’s capabilities, Acuity provides CirrusHQ customers with oversight of their entire AWS estate, highlighting insights which might otherwise be missed, such as illustrating savings which can be made by moving workloads or reducing bills by eliminating unused or idle resources.

With access to critical information at the tip of your fingers, the Acuity Platform can help customers by automatically highlighting areas of concern, allowing these to be investigated or remediated in a timely manner. Our Acuity platform will save customers time, enabling  visibility of costs across a customer’s entire AWS estate, bringing actionable control and visibility in real-time to those who need it.”

Including best practices and benchmarks deriving from CirrusHQ’s extensive familiarity with the AWS platform, Acuity includes all the data in AWS’s Trusted Advisor service and will soon be featuring recommendations in another 3 key areas: Security, Fault Tolerance and Performance.

The Acuity Platform from CirrusHQ is available to purchase now via the AWS Marketplace.

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