Pioneering the Metaverse in Scotland

Webinar Series

Putting Scotland at the heart of the immersive technology revolution that will transform the world.

May 2023

Event Agenda

Pioneering the Metaverse in Scotland

The Metaverse represents an evolution of the Internet to a wholly immersive virtual world, greatly accelerating the global transformation the web has already achieved.

Scotland’s opportunity is to grasp the nettle and become a pioneering adopter of these technologies to transform education, offer immersive tourism experiences and develop next generation gaming, as just some examples of the use cases it will make possible.

Technology Trends

Examining the core technology innovations advancing Metaverse capabilities, from Augmented Reality to AI.

Industry Use Cases

Mapping technology capabilities to key industry scenarios, from tourism through education and game development.

Venture Opportunities

Identifying and incubating new startup ventures that can address these market opportunities.




Virtual Conference and Networking

Webinars provide best practice learning, delivered through a variety of formats including keynote webinar presentations and virtual classroom tutorials.

Events also feature social networking tools, so you can then also meet and connect with all the other attendees.

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