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Forfar Academy: Preparing Students for the Metaverse Future

Forfar Academy is harnessing the latest technologies to equip students with skills for the most modern of workplaces.

Forfar Academy is an inspiring exemplar of a school harnessing the very latest technologies to involve students in building skills that will have huge value in the most modern of workplaces.

As we describe in a previous blog suppliers like Avantis are pioneering the use of ‘the Metaverse’ for educational purposes, and Forfar is an early adopter, combining it with other technologies to offer students a cutting edge learning experience.

Following their announcement last year Facebook catapulted the concept of the Metaverse into the mainstream global consciousness, and it will come to be the largest technology sector disruption we’ve ever witnessed.

Therefore there are multiple benefits to this approach. It’s not only pioneering a state of the art learning approach for students, but it’s achieving what the Scottish Government’s overall goal is for their digital strategy: To put Scotland at the very forefront of technology in global terms.

As they highlight in their tweets below Forfar are leveraging the technology to expose students to knowledge about technology in new ways and crucially, engaging them into scenarios that have massive commercialization potential, such as building virtual tourism experiences or applying the technology in a business setting like a factory production facility.

This will equip them with skills and knowledge of immense value to Scottish businesses.


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