Blockchain Technology Partners

Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based startup that embodies the potential for Scotland to be a world leader in the most critical of technology fields, the Blockchain.

Founded in 2018 by Duncan Johnston-Watt and Kevin O’Donnell, the company recently announced the appointment of Paul Forrest as its inaugural chair and a participant in an angel investment led by investment industry veterans Martin Gilbert and Andrew Laing.

Early client work includes an exciting project for the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Smart Contracts on the Cloud

Building on their Cloud automation expertise (Duncan previously founded Cloudsoft) BTP are specializing in the provisioning of the infrastructure for this new economy of applications.

Their core product Sextant automates the deployment and ongoing management of enterprise-grade blockchain networks and smart contract infrastructure, facilitating use cases such as enabling customers to execute their smart contracts on distributed ledgers like Ethereum-compatible Hyperledger Besu as well as on centralised ledgers such as the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, a managed, serverless database which features an immutable and cryptographically verifiable transaction log.

In partnership with Digital Asset, the creators of DAML, the solution expands the ‘Cloud Native’ suite of tools that developers can build upon to create new applications. They are freed from any concerns of managing the underlying Cloud and Blockchain infrastructure, allowing them to focus entirely on the business logic and apply the disruptive capability to their industry specialism.

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Edinburgh, Scotland , United Kingdom
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