3Finery uses ground-breaking Augmented Reality (AR) technology which can boost customer engagement with remote marketing campaigns by portraying goods, services and venues in innovative ways.

The new twist on traditional AR methods was developed at the School of Computing over a three-year period by Professor Kenny Mitchell and his former PhD student Dr Llogari Casas.

Intermediated Reality

3finery provides an Augmented Reality technology that enables objects to interact, play and receive messages remotely as if they were magically coming to life. Their software provides a novel way of interaction with the user’s environment and can be easily integrated to already existing solutions.

As Llogari explains at 14m:05s their unique innovation is a concept they define as “Intermediated Reality” (IR), the ability for people to interact with objects brought to life through Augmented Reality capabilities.

The technology can be used to enhance products, services and venues from businesses that have interaction with their environment through mobile devices. They offer unique interactive experiences with the ability to better understand customer needs by gathering valuable user data from their interactions, and their technology is built around social media with virality as the core value proposition and can be used as an incentive to make users interact with third parties software.

The underlying technology behind 3finery can be applied in a variety of verticals, such as, theme parks, museums, interactive toys, social network communication or entertainment and beyond.

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