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Digital Transformation: Where Will It Lead Your Business?

Experts from across Scottish Government share their insights and experiences of successful Digital Transformation.

In the feature video and writing on Linkedin Derek McCamley of Scottish Enterprise shares his thoughts around some of the pitfalls businesses find themselves in when introducing digital solutions to their business and how his team is on hand to help.

He describes how new technologies like Chat GPT, the Metaverse, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), Virtual Reality (VR) and Cryptocurrencies among others offer tremendous potential and can thus prove very tempting to jump into, but that their adoption should be regulated by a clear digital strategy, framed through questions such as:

  • Is Chat GPT going to help you create your next innovative product?
  • Is creating NFTs of your product going to help you grow online sales in the next two years?
  • Is the Metaverse & VR at a stage it’s going to help improve productivity and immediate workforce culture issues?
  • Do you really have enough surplus cash in the business to be paying attention to cryptocurrencies?

Derek’s recommendation is to consider the balancing the juggling act of time and money with your short-term needs and longer-term goals, that with most significant digital and IT projects, the reality is that day-to-day business operations are likely to endure some pain during the process of implementation, before the productivity gains of new systems, processes and employee skills are realised.

Featured Vendor: Bluewave

A vendor at the forefront of delivering these solutions includes Bluewave.

As they explain in this video Bluewave has been working with DTS Scotland to facilitate digital transformations across many different departments within the Scottish government and public sector.

Liz Craig – Service Owner at DTS, describes how they needed a case management and reporting solution, and chose Bluewave due to a recommendation from and also their presence on an approved procurement framework, making the engagement quick and simple, with a proof of concept developed in only a few months.

Factors key to the success of the engagement include how they were able to bond with the technical team, encouraging a sense of one team camaraderie, and this expertise is now being replicated to other departments also needing Salesforce implementation support.


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