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Avanti’s World – The World’s First Educational Metaverse

Avanti's World employs a theme park concept to engage schoolkids into a Virtual Reality learning experience.

Highlighting the potential to create Metaverse environment’s for a variety of niche and vertical industry requirements, Avanti’s World from Avantis Education boasts the first for Education.

Styled and structured as a theme park Avanti’s World is split into lands, with various zones and learning scenes for students to explore independently. Every learning scene provides a fully immersive experience where students can discover, investigate and research as if they were there in person.

Take your students to places you would never imagine. From the moon, to inside a plant cell, Avanti’s World lets you explore the impossible, all from the safety of a ClassVR headset or web browser.

Each virtual reality land comes with a comprehensive set of educational resources to ensure you’re getting the most out of every lesson. Each learning zone and scene incorporates detailed subject information, 3D AR models and 360 images and videos to provide context to the student before exploration begins.

From VR content to engaging curriculum resources, Avanti’s World can be accessed via a secure website to give students everything they need to learn about a topic in the classroom or even remotely. Read their guide to Immersive Learning.


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