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Appointedd – Harnessing the Cloud to Offer ‘Plug and Play’ Appointment Booking

Appointedd enables small and large service providing businesses to integrate appointment booking into web sites, social channels and other apps.

E-Commerce is a relevant model for businesses that sell and deliver products, but there are many who provide services, so what is the best digital strategy for them?

Consider the many businesses like hairdressers, spas or plumbers: Their primary ‘product’ is an appointment booking.

This highlights the value of Appointedd, an example of a Scottish SaaS (Software as a Service) venture. Features include appointment and team scheduling, calendar synch and payments, and there is a mobile app so you can use all these on the move.

Integrated Digital Business

As we highlighted in a previous blog a key goal for a Digital Business strategy is that the online model is integrated end-to-end, so that your operations are fully automated and streamlined.

What is so powerful and important about services like Appointedd is how relatively simply it is to build this capability, that it can be achieved through a form of non-technical ‘development’ where you create a customized digital business model through a lego brick assembly like process. Through ‘widgets’ and other web-to-web integrations, it’s very easy these days to connect together the services offered from across multiple SaaS providers.

For example if you have created your web site using popular builder tools like WordPress or Weebly, then there are relevant integrations available so that you can insert your Appointedd booking features directly into your web site, without any new coding required.

You can also integrate Appointedd with EposNow, a Cloud-based point of sale system, Zoom video conferencing, and your external calendar, and as this Scotsman news describes they have recently announced a very powerful new feature, where you can integrate bookings into social pages like Facebook.

This is ideal for businesses with a large social presence such as Vieve, founded by high-profile make-up pro and digital creator Jamie Genevieve. Their pop-up events sell out in minutes so having the ability to book through their social channels ensures their biggest supporters don’t miss out.

Confer With and Appointedd have an integration so that customers can book a virtual appointment for live video shopping support, where an agent can present recommendations, upsell and cross sell to curate an experience unique to the customer.

It’s also important to note that the service isn’t limited in value only to small business. Appointedd is also used by large enterprise organizations, across sectors including Retail and Financial Services, and for functions like Call Centres and Sales.

Sales teams can drive inbound sales enquiries with booking links embedded on websites and online advertising, sharing booking links within their emails to encourage engagement, offering prospects and clients the convenience of booking calls and consultations, at a time that suits them, directly into a salesperson’s calendar.


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