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Blockchain Builders

As Digit reports a newly-published report from Scottish Enterprise highlights how blockchain technology could be worth over £4 billion to the Scottish economy by 2030. 

The ambition of this accelerator is to develop and action a strategy to realize that growth, headlined by an audacious goal of becoming Europe’s Blockchain capital.

Market Strategy and Research

Key objectives include making Blockchain capabilities more accessible for SMEs so they can pioneer new digital business models.

Solution Roadmap

The accelerator roadmap will define solutions for a number of use cases that Blockchain can uniquely enable.

Marketing Campaign

This interview is with xx, who also xxx the future of Web 3.0.

Accelerator Guide

Overview of this accelerator, covering the market opportunity, solution components and partner business models.

Join this Accelerator

Private team workspace for partners to meet and collaborate, with e-learning courseware for sales team enablement.

Digital Ecosystem

A primary activity of the Digital Nation Action Plan are Industry Innovation Accelerators.

Ecosystems bring together partner combinations that enable new, high value market-ready solutions, and provides the platform to execute a Go To Market strategy for the solution.

Accelerator Process

The Channel Partners Network provides a forum and innovation life-cycle to guide collaborations from first idea right through product market fit and sales.

Solution R&D

Accelerators research current and future demand for that sector, producing the IP required to underpin new, high value market solutions developed in response to well defined niche opportunities.

Accelerators leverage and build upon hyper-growth technology capabilities such as the Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity and AI.

Opportunity Alignment

These are personalized to vertical industries such as Telecommunications, Government and Banking, and to major market drivers such as the shift to remote working.

Business Development

Accelerators also proactively undertake the Business Development required to drive initial market traction and sales for these new innovations.

This includes launching dedicated content marketing portals for social share campaigns, press releases and sales partner engagement and recruitment.

Sales Playbooks

Each accelerator produces Sales Playbooks, e-learning courses on how to sell the products and solutions. Fast-track partner success by equipping them with the knowledge they need to start selling.

Assessment and Qualifications

Provide the structure for your channel program through exams and assessments required for authorized status. Issue certificates and 'gamify' learning to drive engagement and successful adoption.

Scale and Manage Training

Manage large-scale training requirements through automated learning paths and processes to set training reminders, re-enrollment dates and recertification timelines, and provide management reports on staff progress.

Solution Roadmap

Accelerators are managed through a Solution Roadmap, a forward planning product strategy to incorporate and act on feedback from sales teams and prospective customers, and develop a compelling and superior market offering.

Partner Synthesis

Roadmaps provide a structure to combine Partner capabilities and unite them towards a larger overall solution.

Release Management

Desired future features can be assessed and staged for development, and rolled up into a schedule of release plans.

Accelerator Projects

Each ecosystem is based on a common Agile Campaign Execution Model, best practices for rapidly forming and accelerating partner networks.

Consulting & Growth

Developing a stategy and


Blockchain Builders

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Marketing & Growth

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